Aicpa Reciprocity Agreements

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For more information, please contact: Jay Hyde Senior Director – Public Affairs, Advocacy Communications and Media American Institute of CPAs 202-434-9266 In order to benefit from the agreement, a candidate must be a licensee who is a good name for the U.S. State Board, which currently has reciprocity with the Canadian CPA bodies and meets with the following meetings: Media representatives are invited to visit the AICPA Press Center in The Canada-U.S. response list identifies U.S. state bodies with which the Canadian ACC bodies currently have reciprocal agreements. Chartered Accountants Ireland has a number of Mutual Reciprocity Agreements (MMA) with a number of other leading institutions that allow Chartered Accountants Ireland members to apply for membership in these bodies and allow their members to apply for membership in Chartered Accountants Ireland. As a general rule, Chartered Accountants Ireland candidates have access to membership without examination. To do this, you must contact the appropriate exchange point and provide proof of a good position and pay the required fees. Maintaining membership is a prerequisite for this process. The IQEX review is intended to facilitate the CPA qualification process in the United States for accountants in other countries whose professional organizations have co-wine agreements with the U.S. accounting profession. It also provides accounting services with reasonable assurance that those who pass the audit have the level of technical knowledge and skills necessary to protect the public interest. Mutual recognition agreements on behalf of the U.S.

accounting profession are established under the supervision of the International Qualification Appraisal Board (IQAB), a joint body of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the National Association of State Board of Accountancy (NASBA). Currently, the U.S. accounting profession has mutual recognition agreements with the following professional organizations: Ken Tysiac ( is JofA Editorial Director. CPA companies that have received their CPA reporting information in the United States by qualifying as part of a reciprocal agreement that NASBA and AICPA may have with another professional accounting organization are not eligible under this agreement. These include all mutual recognition agreements, reciprocal membership agreements and other similar agreements that NASBA/AICPA may have concluded at any time. “It is remarkable that it has taken decades to reach this historic agreement, which has a positive impact on the accounting professions of the United States and Scotland. I applaud the tremendous effort and tenacity of the staff and volunteers of the organizations involved to conclude this crucial agreement,” said Ken L.

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