Ip Purchase Agreement

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The buyer is generally responsible for filing the documents necessary to register the corresponding domain name. This should be expressly stipulated in the sales contract. The agreement should also prohibit the seller from registering or using a similar or related domain name. This agreement is the final, complete and exclusive declaration of the agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces all other previous and simultaneous written and oral agreements between the parties. The following provisions relating to the transfer of domain names should be included in the purchase of intellectual property: the buyer should ask the seller to identify all registrations and applications of intellectual property at the federal, national and foreign level, which are in possession or for use by the seller or are held in the acquired assets. This list is the buyer`s starting point for preparing the sales contract disclosure plans. An intellectual property sales contract identifies the rights of an intellectual property seller and the assets and liabilities assigned to them. Read 3 min Acquisition contract documents should include electronic confirmation of the transmission of domain names from the respective register and a transfer agreement. Here is an example of an asset purchase contract.

Other terms and conditions used in asset sales contracts are available here. The acquisition of intellectual property assets differs from share purchases and merger transactions. The buyer must ensure that he obtains either ownership of the intellectual property rights or the right to continue to use the rights contained in the assets acquired through a transfer agreement. This includes all additional intellectual property rights necessary for the use of these acquired assets. The role of the lawyer in the development and negotiation of the asset acquisition contract is a) to identify the assets transferred from the seller to the buyer and b) the remaining assets to the seller. This due diligence also includes the management of various intellectual property and IT provisions, including, but not limited: an intellectual property sales contract identifies a seller`s intellectual property rights and the related assets and liabilities that a buyer is willing to acquire and assume when a buyer takes over ownership of the seller`s discrete business. , z.B. a product line, a subsidiary. or an unincorporated department.

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