Kingsborough Community College Articulation Agreements

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NYU Meyers has developed articulation agreements with Skidmore College, Yeshiva University Stern College for Women and St. Lawrence University for students seeking a bachelor`s degree at NYU. For more information on these agreements, please visit the NYU Meyers website or the NYU Meyers Office of Student Affairs and Admissions at 212-998-5317 or Joint agreements are agreements between a community school and a four-year college, designed to provide students with information about the courses they should take during the end of their association license and the courses required during transmission. Please visit the Dean`s office for the A-228 program, teaching and evaluation or call (718) 368-5029 to learn more about transfer contracts. Kingsborough Community College (KCC) maintains and updates its transfer joint contracts with four-year institutions. A transmission sarticulation agreement is a written contract between Kingsborough Community College and a four-year college or university that includes agreed courses or programs that are transferred to that specific senior institution. This is a guarantee that if students complete courses or university programs at the KCC with satisfactory grades (as indicated by the receiving institutions) and apply and are accepted for the four-year institution, these completed courses or programs will be applied to the bachelor`s degree. In order to maximize the transfer of the shares acquired in the KCC, students are strongly encouraged to obtain the associate degree before moving to a senior college. How about moving to a non-CUNY university or university? The CUNY Common Core/Pathways only applies to CUNY colleges. However, Kingsborough Community College has many articulation agreements with institutions outside of CUNY, which ensure a smooth transfer process. Click here for more information on transfer opportunities with SUNY and private institutions. Partnerships are special agreements between Kingsborough and the best colleges and universities, which allow a smooth transfer with scholarships to these four-year institutions: these agreements are partnerships between Adelphi and some two-year programs, and they offer you a specific plan for the program in which you are transferred, based on the Degree associate you received.

It also provides you with basic information about the number of credits you need to complete to get your license. With the help of an admissions counsellor, an articulation agreement is a great tool to plan your trip to the University of Adelphi. You will find more information about the university, including the orientation plan, policies and procedures, academic support and support, as well as special options on campus, by checking the tabs on the left and clicking on each one.

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