Microsoft Enterprise Agreement What`s Included

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While the vendor`s cloud offerings may be the future of its business, most Microsoft customers are still operationally and contractually blocked in on-premise deployments. The enterprise agreement remains the best Microsoft licensing vehicle for organizations with 250 or more PCs. It offers cost savings beyond standard licensing prices, helps your business standardize information technology across the enterprise, simplifies licensing management, and offers comprehensive software insurance benefits. Take our EA assessment As a public company, Microsoft`s mission is to accurately predict revenue. To do this, the company must have a clear overview of its sales pipeline and be able to close purchases and renewals faster and earlier in the quarterly sales cycle. There are a limited number of legal resources and license desks to process these transactions, and it is almost impossible to process paperwork less than two weeks before a calendar year, fiscal year or end of the quarter. Managing these largest volumes in deal volume is a challenge for Microsoft`s operations, and delays in this pipeline can have a domino effect on quarterly and annual revenue, share price and overall market perception. Customers should use the supplier`s desire to prevent purchases and extension periods accordingly. Contrary to popular opinion, Microsoft may be more flexible in negotiations outside of their peak sourcing periods. With the structure of registration agreements, you can easily add new products and services if necessary: there are more and more challenges in optimizing licenses and subscriptions to be met in transactions with Microsoft, as well as new costs, flexibility and licensing/subscription opportunities that you can capitalize on.

As Microsoft continues to make a transformation and business demands and usage requirements are changing rapidly, customers should prepare for a more demanding purchasing and supplier management environment. There are many ways to license and/or subscribe to Microsoft products. The Licensing Solutions Provider or the account employee of a given company may not be well aware of all the options available. However, they are well trained (and motivated by incentives) to encourage customers to increase the cost of licensing. Make sure you ask Microsoft`s licensing specialists how to better structure licensing for reduced expenses and consider getting impartial expertise to help the sourcing team review the recommendations. You may need to be prepared to go beyond the expiry date to get Microsoft`s flexibility. We`ve seen organizations that have spent two months beyond the expiration date to finally reach an agreement with Microsoft.

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