Due su due

Un giusto articolo dell’Indipendent, sottolineo due passaggi: uno, come si diceva qui, in cui si celebra la capacità posseduta da Obama di dare il proprio meglio nei momenti più difficili (la dote più importante per un presidente?):

Over the past two gruelling years, we have learnt a great deal about Mr Obama. He is formidably intelligent. Unlike the “tested” Mr McCain, he did not become rash or flustered at difficult moments. The three candidates’ debates showed he is poised and collected under pressure. It was said of Franklin Roosevelt, one of America’s very greatest presidents, that he had a second-rate intellect but a first-rate temperament. On all the available evidence, Mr Obama is top class in both departments.

E quest’altro, la chiusa, che commenta sé stessa:

What is certain is that Mr Obama provides excitement, a desperately needed jolt of political electricity. If he is elected, America will instantly be seen in a new light around the world – not just because the unloved George Bush is gone, but because the country has found it within itself to turn to someone truly new, whose astonishing ascent could have happened nowhere else on earth. Only in America.

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