Non capisce un tubo

Joe the Plumber [Joe l’Idraulico per i pochi che non avessero capito il titolo], quello che doveva essere l’ago della bilancia nelle presidenziali americane dell’anno scorso, ha detto – in sostanza – che gli omosessuali son tutti pedofili:

«I’ve had some friends that are actually homosexual. And, I mean, they know where I stand, and they know that I wouldn’t have them anywhere near my children»

Da l’uomo comune, a luogo comune.

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  1. anche Fini, tempo fa, disse che gli omosessuali non dovrebbero insegnare.
    Se mai avesse bisogno di un idraulico adesso sa chi chiamare….

  2. sorpresa!
    leggo proprio stamattina che Fini sta cambiando idea sugli omosessuali.
    Meglio tardi che mai…

  3. well…he’s a typical country-side and confused Midwesterner. I lived in Ohio 7 years, I know well the type. Good people with a big hear until you start talking politics.

    but, if you spend your time listening to this scumbag, his cable counterpart, or the plethora of small or big
    right-wingers and Christian preachers out there, you may easily believe that homosexuals are pedophiles, Jesus and the great Rapture is coming tomorrow (so why bothering with the problems of the world?), people speaks in tongues, Obama is a socialist and maybe even a Muslim, Evolution does not exists, the devil created dyno fossils, God created the world 6000 years ago, and a bunch of other baloney, how could you come up with anything but nonsensical statements?

    this is the Republican party today…good ole’ Rockefeller Republicans (pragmatic, highly educated, intelligent and just a bit greedy and heartless) are gone into the wilderness.

    Luckily, only 27% of Americans collectively fully drink that kind of cool-aid, while keeping moving into the city and becoming more liberal hope. I suggest that book in the link. so there is hope…

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