5 Replies to “Come “funzionano” i poteri in Iran”

  1. Alberto ha scritto:

    aiaiai… caro Max, non sei molto informato sulle dinamiche del palazzo vaticano! 🙂

    Sicuramente Giovanni è informato sulle dinamiche del palazzo vaticano…

  2. maybe so….I have a wikipedia-level understanding of the issue!

    for sure Vatican City is the last absolute theocracy and the pope is an absolute monarch who appoints the legislative body, the governor, the ministers and has the last say on law, justice, executive decisions…lucky that he “rules” only upon 900 “citizens” so that the damage is contained!!!

    “The government of Vatican City has a unique structure. The Pope is the sovereign of the state. Legislative authority is vested in the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State, a body of cardinals appointed by the Pope for five-year periods. Executive power is in the hands of the President of that commission, assisted by the General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary. The state’s foreign relations are entrusted to the Holy See’s Secretariat of State and diplomatic service. Nevertheless, the pope has full and absolute executive, legislative and judicial power over Vatican City. He is currently the only absolute monarch in Europe.”

    Alberto, go and fix that page if it is wrong!


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