5 Replies to “If your beliefs fit on a sign, think harder”

  1. non l’ho capita. Ma quello delle tartarughe è bello. Sono d’accordo. A me, ad esempio, piacciono gli asini ed i maiali.

  2. well, it’s pretty simple actually. besides it’s broader meaning, it’s a direct response to Glen Beck’s “restoring honor to america”‘s rally and all the tea party’s rhetoric floating out there.

    they tend to like simple minded solutions for complex problems, whether they have any relevance to reality or not…

  3. @ Max:
    And was it an exorcism of what? I mean, do the Restore Sanity guys think they can sneer the Tea Party out of existence?
    Methinks it’s that sort of feel-good rally (like so many in Italy these years) that doesn’t swing a single voter.

  4. The National Mall is a place full of symbolisms: once in a while, in the marketplace of ideas you must show up in order to exist. especially when one is bordering into mental depression like now…

    I’m sorry I missed it though…but I’m a father of a little child…

    it was also important to show that the right-wing nuts don’t own the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and that fear is a short-sighted political expedient.

    that said, no. nothing will likely change: midterm elections are won based on grass-root voters turnout and the state of the economy-especially when it comes to independents.

    a rally like that may perhaps affect the former but not the latter.

    my favorite sign? “I’m a liberal: don’t thread on me either ”
    (referring to the Gadsden flag motto, often hijacked at the Tea party rallies)

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